J. D'Arcy Coulson

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J. D'Arcy Coulson

J. D'Arcy Coulson, 1936-2020

D'Arcy Coulson was Ville Marie Social Service Centre's first Director-General when it was formed in 1973. Ville Marie Social Service Centre was formed through the merger of Catholic Family and Children's Services, Lakeshore Community Services, The Foster Home Recruiting Centre, The John Howard Society, The Children's Service Centre and The Family Service Association. He held the post of Director-General for 10 years.

During his time at Ville Marie Social Service Centre, he was an integral part in starting Quebec's CLSC system with former Quebec premier Jean Lesage.

After leaving Ville Marie Social Service Centre, D'Arcy became Deputy Minister of Social Services in Alberta from 1982-85 under Premier Peter Lougheed.

Beside his career, D'Arcy had many interests and accomplishments. Among them, he was the author of a book on Death and Dying and was a participant in the 1968 Olympics in Bobsleigh.

D'Arcy Coulson passed away in April 2020.