The History of English Social Service in Montreal

This website is an initiative of the Batshaw Centres History Conservation Project, which is staffed by volunteers interested in promoting the history of Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, its founding agencies and other organizations serving the English-speaking population of Montreal, from the early days of protection and social services to the present.

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Logos throughout the years

More Social Service Logos Found!

Logos from The Welfare Federation of Montreal; The Protestant Foster Home Centre and more have been added to our page of old Social Service logos.
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Mount St-Patrick Orphanage - Montreal

Mount St-Patrick Orphanage

In 1951, The Montreal St. Patrick’s Orphan Asylum opened on Lagauchetière Street in Montreal. A new page on the History of Mount St-Patrick Orphanage was recently added to the website.

Summerhill Homes

A Page for Summerhill Homes

Summerhill Homes evolved from the oldest English language social agencies in Montreal and later became part of Youth Horizons.
The history of Summerhill Homes >>>

The Boys Home of Montreal, Weredale House and Youth Horizons

Charles Alexander survived a shipwreck to become one of Montreal's leading philanthropists, and founder of the Boys' Home of Montreal on Mountain Street in 1870. The first admissions, says one report, were seven homeless newsboys who were rescued from the streets. By 1930, much larger quarters were needed. A campaign conducted by the Rotary Club of Montreal raised $289,000, and the new Home was built on Weredale Park which later became Weredale House and then Youth Horizons.

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Featured Stories and Photo Pages

See our photos, stories and history from almost 200 years of social services in the Montreal area.

Shawbridge Boys Farm in Photos

Originally concieved in 1899 by James R. Dick, Shawbridge Boys Farm was built in 1907 for the training of delinquent boys from the Montreal area. The farm was used to house orphans, juvenille criminals under the age of 18 who were sent there to serve time for charges such as robbery, assault, or theft. In the early years of Shawbridge Boys Farm, it was sponsored by The Rotary Club of Toronto and Montreal. As more sponsors came on board after The Rotary Club, many photos were taken in the early years of the Boys Farm.

See our collection of photos from the early years of Shawbridge

Your Memories, Your Stories, Your Photos

Do you have your own memories, stories and photos of English Social Services in Montreal? Whether you were associated with Batshaw, Catholic Community Services, Jewish Family Services, Mount St-Patrick, Shawbridge, Youth Horizons or Ville Marie, we want to hear from you!